For 50 years we have danced our way around Suffolk, the rest of the UK and 14 countries over 4 continents. Now it’s time to celebrate our Golden Jubilee. We started at dawn on May 1st (5am) at Felixstowe Beacon to welcome in the Summer, and ended with our October Feast passing through all the events recorded here. Our aim was to engage with many communities, show them what we do, and encourage people to join us.

This year is also the 80th birthday of our founder Des Herring who is still dancing. Des also rides our Hobby Horse “Constant Billy” - both are pictured on our Jubilee logo above. It's his Jubilee too!

Over the years we have made many friends overseas – and have entertained them here in the UK. This year we hosted Danse Groupe Zonne from Belgium and Kursiu ainiai from Lithuania to dance and sing around Suffolk. Our Morris friends from the UK and Europe joined our traditional Whit Monday tour of the Suffolk Wool Towns and our Autumn tour at other East Suffolk locations.

Mid summer we hosted a Festival for children - the next generation of dancers, singers and musicians, and a celebration for Friends and Family where we brought together as many of our 122 members past & present who can still lift a foot and caper, to join with those who have helped and supported us over the years.